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In Restaurants on 23 October 2011 at 12:35 am

Very rarely you walk into a restuarant and everything feels right. Onami is just that place.

The music is loud enough to get you in the mood yet allow you to whisper to your date. The lighting is subtle enough to retain your privacy, yet not force you to grope in the dark. The food is fresh and with enough twist to intrigue you yet not so radical that you have to scratch your head. The service efficient yet unobtrusive. Onami is the my perfect go to place. Too bad it is million miles away from where I live.

I was in Nairobi for about a week in September 2011. Onami drew me back twice. We had seviche salad and tuna salad liberally sprinkled with mango. The Chef’s sashimi platter that followed was impeccable. The range of cocktails were bewildering. We experimented with one called “Nairobi to Tokyo.” Even though “Nairobi to Tokyo” did not disappoint, we preferred the conventional cocktails. On a latter visit we had a bottle of Lambrusco, which was chilled to perfection.

Nairobi may feel like a outrageously long way to go for a good outing, but somehow, going all the way for Onami does not feel that outrageous.

Westgate Mall, Mwanzi Rd, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya | +254 713 328 688