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In Restaurants on 28 October 2011 at 11:56 pm

As I sit nicely curled up on my sofa listening to the Late Junction, my mind wanders Kaleidoscopically over the last year. A melange of emotion imbued with mental snapshots. For some arcane reason an afternoon at Balthazar stands out. Balthazar is a New York institution that is very difficult to pigeonhole. There is something about is place that makes you feel good about yourself.

As you walk into Balthazar, you are transported to a slightly different world. It is charming in the old world kind of way. The staff have old world manners. The food is very American with just a bit of European touch. It is a place where you go to have a conversation and tuck into the grub. The place is always buzzing. The food is tasty in a way that has always surprised me. I have often opted for their Salad Nicoise and the steak or the skate. This particular fall afternoon, almost a year ago, stands out. That afternoon we had some New England hard cider, which really hit the spot.

Even though Balthazar is now a millions miles away, I could really do a lazy weekend brunch at Balthazar. Unfortunately, I would have to wait for another couple of months before I can tuck into the stake. If you find yourself in Balthazar before that, do have a glass of cider for me.

80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 | +1 212 965 1414