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In Restaurants on 19 January 2013 at 10:10 pm

I like good food but I like it without pretensions. It should be all about the food. So, for me, Aurora in Nottingham just hit the spot. Walk into the place and you know that there is personal touch. It was decorated with someone who cared about it at a personal level.

You are welcomed with a smile – service was flawless from the start. The restaurant is in a large hall on the lower ground floor. It is spacious and decorated in such a way that it exudes welcoming warmth and you almost immediately forget that you are below earth.

The food can be best described as modern european fusion with emphasis on fresh produce. We had country style pate and scallops to start with, beef steak and grilled chicken for mains and panna cotta and raspberry parfait to end. All for about 20 quid per person. Everything was done beautifully and the desserts really hit the spot.

As we were leaving, a very pleasant gentleman solicited our opinion about the food. Turned out that he was Craig Thomas, the chef cum owner of the restaurant. We had a long conversation about the challenges of running an independent restaurant. We complimented the desserts and the Craig promptly brought a shy lad out from the kitchen. He was the pastry chef and was very pleased that we had like his creating. It seems to also reflect Craig;s management style. He was motivating the shy lad in the kitchen by making sure that the lad got the kudos directly from us

The pride that Craig has in his establishment is reflected in the way everything works at Aurora. It reminded me of Brindle Room, a restaurant in the Village in New York that I used to frequent. It was run by Jeremy Spector, chef cum owner who became a good friend of mine. Wish there were more such places around where I live.

Aurora | 47 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LX | 0115 941 3816