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Blue Ocean Sushi

In Restaurants on 16 June 2011 at 10:08 pm

Sushi in a landlocked state in the middle of USA. Doesn’t sound like a good idea, right! Well, sometimes, you just need to have it.

I was in St. Louis, Missouri for four days straight and my mind kept wandering to the fruits of the sea. The first try was disastrous. Tani Sushi Bar, in the pretentious Clayton area of the St. Louis, has to be avoided like the plague. What is the one thing that sushi needs to be. Fresh! Exactly what it was not.

Refusing to be discouraged, I asked, I listened, I eavesdroped and it finally paid off. Off the campus of Washington University is an area which is called – wait for it – the streetcar suburb or the Delmar Loop. How entirely charming is that. Delmar Loop is a delight. All kinds of exotic food intimately cohabiting with a bustling market. For a Indian boy like me, the serenity of the midwest is a bit daunting and Delmar Loop was a welcome temporary respite for it.

On to the Blue Ocean Sushi. It is an unpretentious restaurant. One might say, it even felt a bit run down. Undaunted by my Tani Sushi Bar experience, I stepped in and I am so glad that I did. I sat at the bar and the sushi chef, who seemed to be a Washington University student, started bantering immediately with me. Within moments, the slightly rundown bits of the restaurants went out of focus.

The sushi was fresh and very nicely done. The bento box that followed was sumptuous. There was even a large portion of salad in stead of the customary tempura. Fantastic meal and it was less than 10 quid. If you ever find yourself in St. Louis, this is the place to head to if you crave sushi. There is even an all you can eat deal for 21 dollars.

609 Eastgate Ave, St Louis, MO 63130. +1 314-721-9168

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