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Catch 35

In Restaurants on 12 January 2012 at 6:10 am

Catch 35 is where you go to enjoy some fish, some wine and some music. The first night I was there, it was Thursday evening and we walked in without reservations. They gave us a place in the Jazz bar where they serve the full menu. There was someone playing the piano which created a wonderful atmosphere. I had red grouper, which was really nicely presented. It came with a mashed potatoes and a portobello mushroom sauce. Then I went back on Wednesday evening and there was no piano, which really took something away from the experience. We had a very efficient waitress, who announced the specials like a thespian announcing the entry of the protagonist in a Shakespearean play. I had a half a dozen oysters to start and a yellow fin tuna sashimi for the mains. All very efficiently done.

35 W Wacker Dr Chicago, Illinois 60601 | +1 312 346-3500 | Website


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At the end of a long narrow surban road in Nairobi lies the Divino’s Wine Bar. As you walk in, it feels like someone has tried to create a Mediterranean experience in the tropics. I was new to Nairobi and this was place was perfect, it was half way between Africa and Europe. The food is excellent and the wine very reasonable. We had a seafood platter, which was freshly done. The service was excellent. I remember leaving with a satisfied grin on my face.

Argwings Kodhek Road | Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya | +254 20 2376361

Loch Fyne at Cambridge

In Cambridge, Restaurants on 29 May 2011 at 4:41 pm

Sometimes all you need is a fresh piece of grilled fish. Non-fussy food at the its best. Loch Fyne does just that. Good fish at reasonable prices. It is actually a chain but does not feel like one at all. The staff at the Cambridge Loch Fyne are friendly, paitent and welcoming. The wines on the list are mostly new world non-fancy good-value-for-money wine. On my last visit I have a gilthead bream, which was done to perfection and left me extremely happy. They also have a 10 quid two course lunch deal, which extends all the way to 6:30PM.

37 Trumpington Street CB2 1QY. 01223 362433.

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Giaconda Dining Room

In European, London, Restaurants, Uncategorized on 28 May 2011 at 3:55 pm

Food cooked with passion

The passion for food that people who run this place have comes across the moment you walk in. It was the name that got me curious about the restaurant. It made me reminisce about my visit to the majestic Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. Ever the dsylesic that I am, turns out that it was actually a reference to Mona Lisa.

The restaurant is tiny with a sombre dark decor, which gives it a stylish feel. The menu seem like someone with a distinctive Anglo-Saxon no nonsense touch adapted a upmarket brasserie menu and fitted it in this tiny space. For a cover charge of 1.50, you get olives and unlimited supply of sparkling water in a carafe. There are reassuring number of specials of the day. 3 different fish of the day, a meat grill of the day, a risotto of the day and a sorbet of the day. The wine list is particularly good with a wide variety of reasonably priced wine that are really good value for the money. Three course dinner for two with a half a bottle of wine should work out to about 75 quid.

On my two visits to The Giaconda Room, I have had Marinade of Raw Salmon with Fennel & Cucumber, Cervelle de Canut, Roast Rack of Lamb and their Lemon Sole with capers, which was one of the specials of the day. I have tried their Prosecco di Conegliano Cantina Bernardi and Cotes du Ventoux Mas de Fondreche (2009), both extremely good value for money. There have been no disappointments in the food department. The only disappointment I have had is calling on Monday and finding that it closed from Saturday evening to Tuesday morning.  A place where the people take a long weekend seems quirky in the London but in a very appealing way.

Open Tuesday to Saturday lunch. 9 Denmark Street, London WC2 H8LS. 0207 240 3334.

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