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Dosa’s in Cambridge

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I was sauntering along the market square in Cambridge and came across Dosa Hut stall. Dosas are for indians what fish and chips are for the British or crepes are for Bretons. Universal uplifting comfort food that nourishes the body and the soul. Bracing for disappointed I bit into my freshly made rengdang dosa. The first bite was such a revelation that my eyes opened wide (just like in cartoons) and an almost ecstatic pleasurable sound struggled to make its way to my lips while I breathlessly munched on. Needless to say that the dosas from Dosa Hut are my latest food crush in Cambridge. If you have never tried dosas, then some background my be useful. Dosas are crepes made from fermented lentil and rice flour. Rice and lentil ensure that there is good carb-protien mix. The process of fermentation gives it a tangy edge and makes it easy to digest. Dosa Huts folds in an exquisitely cooked Malaysian curry in the dosa. The result is something that really tickles the palate in a very moresome way.

Address: Stall in the Market at Market Square, Cambridge CB2 3QJ. The stall is there from Wednesday to Friday 12 to 3PM.

Urban Shed

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Urban Shed is a quirky airline themed sandwich bar in Cambridge that allows you to soar without constraints to a gluten free heaven. All ingredients are gluten free and sourced and prepared with care. With a LP banging away in a corner and quirky slogans everywhere, you could possibly think that you one in one of the ubiquitous hipster places that are all the rage now. You could not be more wrong. This place shoots from the hip and was hip when the hipsters were looking for their identify in Gap stores.

The first experience can be bewildering, so let me break it down for you. Your first choice is whether you will go down the sandwich route with a traditional or gluten free bread or you go up with the salad route. Then you decide what you want in your sandwich or on top of your salad. There is an exquisite range of choices. Portobello mushroom with blue cheese and candied walnuts. Goat’s cheese with oregano baked tomato. Smoked salmon with Orange Mascarpone. Roast beef with Caramelised onions. To drink there is milkshake, coffees with Urban Shed’s own blend of coffee beans and smoothies, all very competently done.

And now for my favourite part. The whole place with filled with quirky things and smart slogans that keep you entertained. My favourite: In the toilets, above the WC are the stacks of toilet papers rolls with a sign that says “Trump Towers”. Read what you want into it. 🙂

Address: The Urban Shed, 62-64 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LN
Tel:01223 324888

The Granta Pub

In Cambridge on 6 August 2011 at 9:04 pm

As pubs with a view go, it would be difficult to find a better place than the Granta Pub. The pub has an idyllic setting next to Mill Pond. The beer garden can get busy but I have always been able to find a place. They serve food but I would not recommend eating here. There are number of places next to the the Granta pub that serve better food. This is a place to relax and be one with nature while you numb your sense with a chilled glass of cider.

14 Newnham Terrace, Cambridge | 01223 505016

Loch Fyne at Cambridge

In Cambridge, Restaurants on 29 May 2011 at 4:41 pm

Sometimes all you need is a fresh piece of grilled fish. Non-fussy food at the its best. Loch Fyne does just that. Good fish at reasonable prices. It is actually a chain but does not feel like one at all. The staff at the Cambridge Loch Fyne are friendly, paitent and welcoming. The wines on the list are mostly new world non-fancy good-value-for-money wine. On my last visit I have a gilthead bream, which was done to perfection and left me extremely happy. They also have a 10 quid two course lunch deal, which extends all the way to 6:30PM.

37 Trumpington Street CB2 1QY. 01223 362433.

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