While walking in Soho, we accidentally stepped into Peru

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While walking in Soho, we accidentally stepped into Andina Casita. Little did we realise that we stepping into a restaurant stepped in rich Peruvian tradition. Andina is as much an experiential journey as it is a place to indulge and satiate yourself. We started us with a delightful Pisco sour, a divine cocktails made from Pisco – a Peruvian brandy. Next was a Classic Ceviche followed by Causa Trujillana. Both very appealing to the eye and exciting for the palate. Ceviche is raw fish marinated in the lime. The resultant while liquid is referred to as tiger’s milk. Causa Trujillana was mash made from balls of artichoke, mango, avocados, rocoto cream and potato. It is difficult to imagine what that is like unless you taste it. This was followed by Tamal – Pork in a corn dumpling and we finished with Maca Lamb Loin – marinated lamb chops cooked to perfection. The meal was a delight. What made the meal special was the way we were looked after by Georgina. She was brimming with tidbits about the food and suggestions for us. She looked proud of the restaurant and took genuinely pleased to serve us. Rare to find a restaurant where there is such positive energy flowing through the restaurant. Can’t wait to go back.

Address: 31 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LP. 020 3327 9464.
Restaurant website:

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